We’re Pro 8, a social media and production
agency based in Qatar.

We understand the importance of a brand's social media presence, what we differ from other agencies is that we place an importance on getting to know our clients intimately and their target audiences, then we create, develop and communicate brands and their messages in an impactful & engaging way on their social media platforms. He best way for us to tell you our story is through the projects that we deliver for our clients. At pro 8 we grant you an audio-visual experience that is moving yet informative that sticks into the audiences heads and hence increase profit.
We are a team of dedicated professionals, strategy and social media experts as well as filmmakers and producers. We combine art with marketing so we can deliver an out of box result.

Pro8 & Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is nothing else but delivering an honest, sincere, and well calculated service, our mission is reaching excellence and costumer satisfaction and we can only do that by building a long term relationship with you, and to make a relationship last long, a strong connection is key.
Knowing each other, building a consistent approach, taking an in-depth look at the scenario together is how we make it work.
With pro 8, Your dream project will be on hand shake away from happening !


We kicked off with just a team of 3 individuals packed with passion and dedication to hard work and commitment to success, We never missed on a chance to expend our knowledge and better ourself by keeping up with the latest studies and statistics and approaches because we vowed to deliver impeccable results.
Everyday brought us a new challenge and our team made it look small on every occasion.